Mural Projects

The Discover Wall – 2018 – Manistique, MI

The Discover Mural in Manistique Michigan was created by The Power of Words Project: a creative initiative of the Svelata Foundation. The Power of Words Project is a humanitarian mural campaign that creates transformative works of public art. Award winning artist Mia Tavonatti collaborates with schools, downtown development authorities, local arts organizations, or whole cities to make these works possible. The Discover Mural in Manistique was painted by 4 members of Mia’s professional team, 4 local grant artists, and 3 local student artists. It is the largest mural in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Learning to Fly – 2017 – Flagstaff, AZ

Be sure to see Sky’s newest Mural in Flagstaff located at Turtle Island Healing Center on Humphreys and Birch. This was 5 weeks in the making and was entirely painted with brush and palette. No spray cans were used.

Power of Words Project – 2017 – Iron Mountain, MI

Sky teamed up with Super-artist Mia Tavonatti on a community portrait wall in Iron Mountain, MI

Mine! – 2016 – Berlin, Germany

In the spring of 2016 Sky traveled for 3 months through europe where he teamed up with Street Art Berlin to paint Mine! Located in Hackesche Höfe at Haus Schwazenberg.

Sound of Flight Mural – 2015 – Flagstaff, AZ



Sky Black and Mural Mice Universal artists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar crossed paths and worked together to create the largest mural in Arizona! They completed and dedicated The Sound of Flight in November 2015! Thanks everyone who was part of Arizona’s Largest Mural! This mural is so big we have been unable to get a full picture of it, but the Mice have a great gallery of all the pieces on their website.


Above: Go Tell it to the Sea – Mural 2013

Right: Spanish Castle Magic – Mural 2013

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