Flagstaff Show Dec. 10 from 5-9 PM

Please join us at Quintana at 3230 Granite Ridge from 5-9pm!

Continuing my show “Our Other Selves” which opened at {9} The Gallery in Phoenix in September, this is a pop up show that will include many of the paintings from the Gallery as well as brand new pieces never seen before. It’s important to me to continue to show my original paintings in Flagstaff and we have much in store for the night including a free raffle giveaway at 8:30pm with multiple winners!

Our Other Selves is my hand made imagination. It’s something like a family of paintings that have grown up together to witness their own adolescence, puberties and growth into their own selves. More than nine months of incubation had me at their mercy thinking, prepping, drawing, writing, yelling, crying, sweating, experimenting, conceptualizing, verbalizing and finally the patient process of extracting these images from my mind… via paintbrush!

My paintings are always something like a preservation of a vision at times telling a beautiful tale of love and at others the twisting fate of a single character. The net of each painting may or may not catch you carries its own narrative and it is my goal to also enthrall the viewer to look deeper and decide their own meanings and metaphors.

December 10 from 5-9 PM

3230 Granite Ridge
Flagstaff, Arizona

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